The Problems You Might Encounter While Using Beard Oil

The first time I used beard oil, I managed to give myself a massive reaction. If this next story sounds like something you are doing now, you should never use beard oil again! The next lesson is very important for the health of your beard.


It’s abou when I started using products in my beards. I will pour the amount of oil into my palms and rub it gently into my beard. It was not a problem.

Over time, I started to have a very spicy beard and my first thought was that my facial hair was dry.

What have I done? I worked more beard oil on my hair. This created big problems! This can be the quality of the beard oil (you must be very careful in preparing a mixture, because the essential oils can be very reactive to the skin), 96 to 99% using.

Both effects can cause major reactions. My skin was on fire and I had a huge rash where I used the beard oil product (you can be sure, it was not our product, it was a different company.) I stopped using some ingredient and discovered that excessive use of the beard oil can create Huge problems. There are some steps you must take to avoid the stress that I have suffered

1) Choose a good product

Keep track of how much you use. Just point a 100% awesome beard oil product and it should be fine

2) Follow the instructions

These are our guidelines for beard oils that we produce with the amount you should use daily.

– Less than 5 pence piece of dosage for anyone to 0-3 months of growth

– Determination of 5 pence for 3-6 months of growth

– 5 pence during 6-12 months of growth

Everything is relative to the size and age of your beard. More hair, more oil you will need. Just follow what works for you and be sure to be careful with how much you use.

Check the results. Each person’s skin and facial hair are different. You may have more or may have less of our guided dosage. There is no solution, I’m afraid, just see what works for you. I hope you have found this article helpful and good luck with your beard growth.

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